Generic Category: inhalation device
Pack Size: 1's
Prescription Required: NO
Manufacturer: HighNOon Laboratories Ltd
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Pack Form: Pack of 1 Device
Product Form: Device
Product Type: Medical Equipment
Key Highlights: to deliver dry powder medications for treating lung-related ailments. Features of Rotaflo device: simple to use: requires a Rotaflo, a capsule containing the drug powder, to be fitted into the capsule chamber, and inhalation of the drug using the mouthpiece twice. Breath-actuated: the device automatically releases the medication when the user inhales. Consistent and accurate dosage: the Rotaflo inhalation device is pre-metered and provides a single, fixed-dose of medication through each capsule that is discarded after each use. Portable: being small and handy, this Rotaflo device can be easily carried around for use anywhere as required.
Storage: Protect from light & heat.
Habit Forming: NO
Sedation: NO
Child Safety: NO
Route of Administration: External

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