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Staar Tablets are formulated with 20 mg of the active ingredient rosuvastatin, a member of the statin class of medications. These tablets are specially formulated to treat high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. Cholesterols levels get disturbed most loof fat and oils are consumed. And consumption of these can lead to higher levels of fats in blood that increases cholesterol. Apart from lowering cholesterol levels, staars tablets are also prescribed to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and arterial revascularization procedures in individuals who are at high risk.

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Horizon Health Care Pvt Ltd

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  • Staars tablets are basically used for two 
  • Basic health issues 
  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  • It is advised to consume the drug 
  • At the right time and right amount.
  • Do not crush or break tablets into two
  • Do not miss the dose.

  • Staars tablets can cause side effects like any other medicine. 
  • Muscle pain
  • headache
  • weakness
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea.
  • Rare side effects:
    • Liver problems (indicated by yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, or abdominal pain), 
    • memory loss
    • confusion, 
    • elevated blood sugar levels.
  • Severe Side Effects:
    • A condition called rhabdomyolysis, which can lead to kidney damage. This is a rare but serious side effect where muscle tissue breaks down and releases a protein called myoglobin into the bloodstream.

    Q: Can we take staars tablets twice a day?

    only your doctor can increase or decrease the dosage.

    Q: What if I feel pain on the right side of my stomach? Do the tablets affect my kidneys?

    it's rare but can be a possible side effect in such a case go and consult your doctor immediately.

    Q: what to do if you miss the dose of staar tablets?

    take the medicine when you remember. Or consult your doctor according to the condition.

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