Techni Ice Heavy Duty Hot&Cold Sheet 1s


Product Name: 4 Year Reuseable Techni Ice Heavy Duty Hot&Cold Sheet 1s

Marketed By: Techni Ice

Dimension: 11 inch width x 15.6 inch length

Product Detail:

Each Techniice HDR Dry Ice Sheet comprises of 24 four ply cells (i.e. 2 inner textile sheets which contain the refrigerant polymer and 2 other high density plastic sheets) which make the product fully washable.

- Techniice reusable for upto 4 year hot&cold

- Carry your Cold Chain medicine (Insuline etc) without having to worry about maintaining the temperature. 

- Electricity: During blackouts for taking Techni Ice from the freezer & placing in the refrigerator to keep refrigerator cold while electricity is off.

- Great for lunch boxes of small children. Techni Ice can be cut to fit any kids lunchbox to keep food cool or hot.

- Perfect for one way transportation of perishables

- Can be cut to size

- Techniice reusable dry ice packs last up to 6 times longer than the same volume of ice

- Australia's only FDA Approved reusable dry ice packs

- Techniice reusable dry ice packs will freeze to any temperature, right down to Minus 180°

- Camping & Fishing: As a reusable long lasting ice replacement for Esky coolers and cooler bags & Ice boxes for keeping food and drinks both hot or cold.

- Picnics: Can be wrapped around Food & Drinks which not only gives maximum surface contact but also keeps stuff colder longer.

- Shopping: These Dry ice packs are ideal to Bring frozen food and ice cream home from the supermarket.

- Mothers use Dry ice packs to Keep babies bottles warm or cool for juice or milk. These Dry ice packs are also Used as a warming pack in prams, strollers and babies bedding

- Transport: All perishables, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and chocolates etc.

- Catering and Deliveries: Consumer deliveries such as pizza and diet meals and pre-prepared food, which require food to be kept hot or cold.

- Meals On Wheels Across Australia Use Techniice Dry ice packs and Iceboxes For Food Delivery

- Medical: Leading Pathology Labs Across the world use these in Transportation of y Samples, e.g. blood, tissue, medicine, e.t.c.

- Hospital: Several Hospitals around the World Cut these Flexible Dry Ice packs to size for the reduction of swelling after surgery, or for perineum after childbirth, after an epidural as an ice-cold test, e.t.c.

- Dental: Is being cut into individual cells and used to reduce swelling after tooth extractions and given to patients to takeaway by Dentists Across the World

- Sports: This flexible Hot Cold wrap is a must have in the First Aid Kits used by all sports clubs and Sport Injury Clinics

- Veterinary: Used as a flexible heat pack, to keep bedding warm for post operative and sick animals.

- Veterinary: Transporting Pathology Samples.

- Horses: A flexible dry ice gel pack to mould around horses legs (the cannon area).

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