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A tablet called Thyrozol Tab 5Mg is used to treat hyperthyroidism, a disorder in which the thyroid gland overproduces thyroid hormone. Numerous symptoms, such as tremors, anxiety, weight loss, and an accelerated heart rate, can be brought on by hyperthyroidism. Thyrozol Tab 5Mg functions by preventing the thyroid gland from producing thyroid hormone.

In addition, individuals undergoing radioactive iodine treatment a form of therapy in which radioactive iodine is used to destroy the thyroid gland can be made more comfortable with Thyrozol Tab 5Mg.

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Thyrazol Tab 5mg 100's

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Hormonal Product



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Bryon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

  • The recommended dosage for Thyrozol Tab 5Mg is three to four separate doses spread out throughout the day. 
  • The degree of your hyperthyroidism and how effectively you respond to the drug will determine the dosage of Thyrozol Tab 5Mg. Your thyroid hormone levels will be routinely checked by your doctor, who will then modify your dosage as necessary.
  • Those who are allergic to thiamazole, the active ingredient in Thyrozol Tab 5Mg, should not use this medication. 
  • Agranulocytosis, a disorder in which the body lacks adequate white blood cells, and serious liver illness are other conditions for which it should not be taken.

When used as prescribed, most people can safely use Thyrozol Tab 5Mg. However, certain individuals might encounter adverse consequences like these:

  • Rash on the skin Unusual hair loss
  • Agranulocytosis: an uncommon yet dangerous adverse effect
  • It hurts
  • upset abdomen
  • hurling
  • Taste loss atypical feelings

What is Thyrozol Tab 5Mg used for?

Thyrozol Tab 5 mg is used to treat hyperthyroidism, a circumstance in which the thyroid gland produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormone.

How does Thyrozol Tab 5 mg work?

Thyrozol Tab 5 mg works by blocking the manufacturing of thyroid hormone inside the thyroid gland.

How do I take Thyrozol Tab 5 mg?

Thyrozol Tab 5Mg is taken orally, normally in three to 4 divided doses at some point of the day. The dosage of Thyrozol Tab 5 mg is determined by the severity of your hyperthyroidism and how nicely you respond to the medicine. Your doctor will often reveal your thyroid hormone ranges to alter your dosage as desired.

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