Visol Gel is a prescription medication formulated to mitigate the discomfort due to dry and indignant eyes. The normal name for this ophthalmic gel is Polyacrylic Acid, and it is manufactured with the aid of Atco Laboratories Ltd.

 Visol Gel is to be had in 10 g packaging. It is a gel system of drugs that soothes worn-out eyes. Notably, Visol Gel requires a prescription and is most effective when used under the supervision of a healthcare expert. This gel is famous for its capacity to alleviate the signs of dry eyes, making it a treasured choice for those seeking respite from eye pain. 


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polyacrylic acid



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Atco Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd

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Pack of 10 gel

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  • Visol Gel is indicated for the treatment of dry and angry eyes.
  • To maintain its efficacy, it must be stored in a relaxed and dry environment.
  • Not Habit-Forming: This remedy is not addictive.
  • There is no induction of sedation.
  • Keep Visol Gel out of the attain of minors to save you ingestion via accident.
  • It is for outside use best and should be applied as directed by a medical expert. 

While Visol Gel is effective in relieving dry eyes, it is able to reason the following temporary detrimental outcomes:

  • Initial use reasons brief impairment of imaginative and prescient
  • Minor infection, ache, or burning 

Do I need a prescription for Visol Gel?

Visol Gel is a prescription drug, therefore consult a doctor before using it.

How often should I use Visol Gel?

Use frequency depends on your condition and doctor's advice. Usually used as advised to alleviate dry eyes.

Can I use contact lens with Visol Gel?

Before using Visol Gel with contact lenses, see your eye doctor for advice on compatibility and proper use. 

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