Generic Category: nutritional supplement
Ingredients: l-carnitine
Pack Size: 30's
Price: PKR 2000
Prescription Required: NO
Manufacturer: Wilshire Labs (Pvt) Ltd.
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Pack Form: Pack of 30 Capsules
Product Form: Capsules
Product Type: Medicine
Key Highlights: Xeqard capsules contain L-carnitine, Coenzyme q10, and magnesium. Beneficial for both males and females. It reduces the risks of heart failure, boosts energy, increases fertility, reduces mental fatigue, increases memory, and prevents headache. ... Beneficial for both males and females.
Storage: Store in a cool & dry place below 30 ° C . Protect from light, excessive heat & moisture.
Habit Forming: NO
Sedation: NO
Child Safety: NO
Route of Administration: Oral

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