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Xyloaid Jelly Gel can be a reliable solution to ease skin irritation caused by a variety of conditions such as insect bites, scrapes minor burns, and eczema. It also effectively treats vaginal itching and anal fissures.

The main substance in Xyloaid Gel is Lidocaine HCL Sodium, which is part of the class of anesthetics. The gel works by causing the temporary loss of sensation or numbness in the mucous membranes as well as in skin areas that are affected.

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Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

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  • Helps to prevent and relieve pain: Xyloaid Jelly Gel is a multi-faceted treatment for pain relief and soothing the pain associated with minor skin issues and minor injuries.
  • Storage Make sure that the storage is in a dry and cool area to preserve its efficiency.
  • Habit Formation: Xyloaid Jelly Gel isn't habit-forming, making it a suitable solution for short-term pain control.
  • Sedation: This provides a serene, tranquil experience that ensures comfort while using.
  • Children's Safety: Although safe for adult users, however, Xyloaid Jelly Gel is not designed for use with children.
  • Method of Administration: This product shouldn't be ingested, but applied directly to the affected area.

Using Xyloaid Jelly Gel can result in minor side effects. These include

  1. A Little Swelling: Mild swelling at the site of the application is possible but it usually goes away quickly.
  2. Itching: Some users may be able to feel a slight stinging that is usually acceptable.
  3. Temporary redness: It is common for redness to occur in areas of application is not uncommon but are only temporary.
  4. Irregular Heartbeat: While it's rare however, it's important that you are aware of the possibility of irregular heartbeats, and seek medical attention in the event of an irregular heartbeat.
  5. Slow breathing: Although uncommon, certain individuals might have a brief slowing of their breathing.
  6. Unusual Fatigue: A slight increase in fatigue may be seen but this should diminish in time.
  7. Dark Skin: Rarely there may be an occasional change in the color of their skin, however, it is usually not cause for concern.

Do you think Xyloaid jelly gel is suitable for children?

It is not recommended for use in children. is not recommended to use with children. Ask a doctor for the most suitable alternatives for use with children.

What should I do to store Xyloaid Jelly Gel?

Keep Xyloaid Jelly Gel stored in an area that is cool and dry and away from direct sunlight to ensure its effectiveness.

What do I do if notice irregular heartbeats following the use of The Xyloaid Jelly Gel?

If you experience irregular heartbeats, or you experience any serious adverse effects, you should seek medical attention right away.

How fast does Xyloaid Jelly Gel give relief from pain?

Xyloaid Jelly Gel generally offers rapid relief in just a few minutes after application, however, the exact time of application may differ from person to person.

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