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Zudic Cream is an invaluable tool in your search for wellbeing as it is a highly effective drug made to fight bacterial infections. This multipurpose cream is generally used to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses, such as: Skin diseases.

Zudic Cream is a potent ally in the fight against skin diseases including impetigo and cellulitis. It promotes skin health and recovery by eradicating the dangerous germs that cause these disorders. and Eye Infections: Zudic Cream is an effective treatment for eye infections like conjunctivitis. The discomfort and irritation caused by these eye disorders are lessened by its antibacterial capabilities.

The external route of administration for the cream ensures simple and practical application, permitting efficient therapy at the infection's source.


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Fusidic Acid



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Nabiqasim Industries (Pvt) Ltd

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  • Zudic Cream should be kept in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat and moisture in order to retain its potency. The cream must be stored properly to maintain its potency.
  • Zudic Cream is not a habit-forming substance, allaying worries about dependence. Without the worry of addiction, patients can take it as directed.
  • Sedation: Since this drug does not cause sedation, users can go about their everyday activities without feeling sleepy or less attentive.
  • Zudic Cream is generally safe, however it should be kept out of children's reach and packaged in child-resistant containers to avoid accidental consumption.
  • Route of Administration: Zudic Cream can be applied easily to the affected area since it is designed for external use. The cream will be applied externally, guaranteeing that it will reach the infection site.

Zudic Cream is generally well accepted, however like any medication, it can occasionally cause moderate adverse effects. These side effects include:

  1. Skin sensitivity
  2. Stinging or burning when applying the product
  3. These adverse reactions are often transient and tend to disappear as the course of treatment continues. It is advised to get advice from a healthcare expert if you encounter severe or enduring adverse effects.

Q. What is the purpose of Zudic Cream?

The primary bacterial infections that Zudic Cream is used to treat include those that affect the skin, such as cellulitis and impetigo, as well as the eyes, such as conjunctivitis.

Q. How should Zudic Cream be kept?

Zudic Cream should be kept dry and cool to retain its potency.

Q. Is Zudic Cream addictive?

Zudic Cream is non habit-forming, so patients can take it as directed without worrying about becoming dependent.

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