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Levo Tab 500mg 10's is a medication that falls under the category of Quinolone Anti-Bacteria. It contains the active ingredient Levofloxacin at a strength of 500mg per tablet. This product is available in a pack size of 10 tablets and does not require a prescription. 

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic used to treat various types of bacterial infections. It belongs to the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics and is effective against a wide range of bacterial pathogens. Levo Tab is an oral medication formulated to combat bacterial infections and improve patient health.

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Quinolone Anti-Bacteria




Ferozsons Laboratories

Pack Form

Pack of 10 Tablets

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  • Levo Tab is prescribed for the treatment of diverse bacterial infections.
  • It is important to follow the dosing instructions provided by your healthcare provider or those mentioned on the packaging. Completing the full course of treatment is essential, even if symptoms improve before the medication is finished.
  • Store Levo Tab in a cool and dry place, away from excess heat and moisture.
  • Levo Tab is not habit-forming, and there is no potential for dependence or addiction.
  • This medication does not cause sedation, meaning it doesn't induce drowsiness or sleepiness.
  • Keep medications out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion.
  • Levo Tab is administered orally, typically with water.
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Changes in taste perception

Note: Levofloxacin can have side effects, and the occurrence and severity may vary from person to person. It's important to communicate any adverse reactions to your healthcare provider. Additionally, Levofloxacin has safety considerations, and it should be used as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Q1: What types of bacterial infections can Levo Tab 500mg 10's treat?

A1: Levo Tab is effective against various bacterial infections, such as respiratory, urinary tract, skin, and soft tissue infections.

Q2: Is a prescription required to purchase Levo Tab 500mg 10's?

A2: No, Levo Tab 500mg 10's is available without a prescription.

Q3: Can I take Levo Tab if I'm allergic to other antibiotics?

A3: You should inform your healthcare provider about any known antibiotic allergies before taking Levo Tab to determine its suitability for you.

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