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Safety Disposable Latex Examination Gloves Large 100's
MRP Rs.1,850 9% off Rs.1,683.50
Face Mask 3 ply 25 GSM with Nose Pin & Ear Cod 10's
MRP Rs.256.41 27% off Rs.188.20
General Protective Disposable Premium Face Mask Box (EE-FM2) 50'sGeneral Protective Disposable Premium Face Mask Box (EE-FM2) 50's - Default Title (46770)
MRP Rs.342 13% off Rs.299.14
Disposable Face Mask (EE-FM3) 1's
MRP Rs.6 29% off Rs.4.28
Duramask Ultimate White (Dm026) Kn95 Mask 1'SDuramask Ultimate White (Dm026) Kn95 Mask 1'S
MRP Rs.171 8% off Rs.157.97
Adults Surgical Face Mask 19x9cm 50's
MRP Rs.300 8% off Rs.274.59
Duramask Pure White (Dm018) Kn95 Mask 1'SDuramask Pure White (Dm018) Kn95 Mask 1'S
MRP Rs.171 8% off Rs.157.97
Tenofo-B Tab 300mg 30's
Ribazole Cap 400mg 10-sRibazole Cap 400mg 10-s
Telsan Tab 40mg 14's
Adult Nasal Cannula 1's
MRP Rs.106.40 10% off Rs.95.76
Face Shield 1's
MRP Rs.171 10% off Rs.153.85
Hand Sanitizer 200ml
MRP Rs.684 10% off Rs.615.38
Absorbent Cotton Wool 100gAbsorbent Cotton Wool 100g
MRP Rs.110 20% off Rs.88
Canderel Sweetener Tab 100's
MRP Rs.330.50 10% off Rs.297.45
Recormon Inj 2000IU 6PFSx0.3ml
MRP Rs.5,083 10% off Rs.4,575
Neulastim Inj 6mg 1Vialx0.6ml
MRP Rs.42,000 5% off Rs.39,900
Dyclo Inj 75mg 50Ampx3ml
MRP Rs.703 10% off Rs.632.22
Miura Drops 400IU 10ml
MRP Rs.300 10% off Rs.270
Miura-D Inj 5mg 1Amp
MRP Rs.195 10% off Rs.175.50
Peg-INF Inj 180mcg Pack of 4
MRP Rs.18,280 15% off Rs.15,600
Ciprox Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.350 20% off Rs.280
SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test (Lateral Flow Method) 20's
MRP Rs.60,000 40% off Rs.36,000

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