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Through our Instant Doctor service you can instantly speak to one of our PMDC certified doctors. We understand the value of your time and make sure it is spent well while speaking to a professional rather than waiting in line. All of our doctors are bilingual, offering you continues care whenever and wherever in the language you’re most comfortable with.

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Unlimited access to a doctor​

Online booking consultation

Online video call & messages​

Cashless transactions

Spouse included​

Children included​

Parents included​



Unlimited access to a doctor​

Online booking consultation​

Online video call & messages​​

Cashless transactions​

Spouse included

Children included​

Parents included​​

How is InstantDoctor better than your visit to the local clinic or hospital ?

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Other Telemedicine Providers

Automated notifications through sms

Electronic records

Specialty based doctors

Reports and Analytics

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic Invoices

Order online medicine and lab tests

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