Pheniramine Maleate

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Avil Tab 25mg 1x50-sAvil Tab 25mg 1x50-s
Aviwin Inj 22.7mg 100Ampx2ml
MRP Rs.200 5% off Rs.190
Aviwin Inj 22.7mg 50Ampx2ml
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Javil Inj 45.4mg 1Ampx2ml
MRP Rs.211 5% off Rs.200.45
Javil Syp 15mg/5ml 450ml
MRP Rs.75 5% off Rs.71.25
Javil Tab 22.7mg 1x1000's
MRP Rs.250 5% off Rs.237.50
Javil Tab 22.7mg 25x20's
MRP Rs.165 5% off Rs.156.75
Javil Tab 25mg 1x500's
MRP Rs.100 5% off Rs.95
Javil Tab 25mg 20x20's
MRP Rs.120 5% off Rs.114
Javil Tab 25mg 25x10's
MRP Rs.84 5% off Rs.79.80
Zafvil Inj 22.7mg 50Ampx2ml

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