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Adronil Inj 3mg 1Ampx3ml
MRP Rs.1,844 5% off Rs.1,752
Adronil Tab 150mg 1's
Aldactone Tab 100mg 10's
Anzo Cap 20mg 14's
MRP Rs.150 5% off Rs.142
Anzo Cap 40mg 14's
MRP Rs.259 5% off Rs.246
Byscard Tab 2.5mg 14'sByscard Tab 2.5mg 14's
MRP Rs.134 4% off Rs.128
Byscard Tab 5mg 14's
Canderel Sweetener Tab 100's
MRP Rs.330.50 10% off Rs.297.45
Clariza Tab 250mg 10's
MRP Rs.209 5% off Rs.199
Clariza Tab 500mg 10's
MRP Rs.400 5% off Rs.380
Clariza XL Tab 500mg 5's
MRP Rs.207 5% off Rs.197
Co-Olesta Tab 20mg/12.5mg 10'sCo-Olesta Tab 20mg/12.5mg 10's
MRP Rs.210 5% off Rs.200
Co-Olesta Tab 40mg/12.5mg 10'sCo-Olesta Tab 40mg/12.5mg 10's
MRP Rs.354 5% off Rs.336
Defnac IM/IV Inj 75mg 5Ampx3ml
MRP Rs.74 4% off Rs.71
Defnac Tab 50mg 20's
MRP Rs.87 5% off Rs.83
Defnac-Sr Tab 100mg 30's
MRP Rs.245 5% off Rs.233
Emsyn Tab 10Mg

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