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Fadiphine Tablet is used for the short-term treatment of small intestinal ulcers (duodenal ulcer), active non- cancerous (benign) gastric ulcers and backflow of stomach acid to the food pipe (also called, gastroesophageal reflux disease). 

This medicine works by reducing the amount of acid production in the stomach. Fadiphine is also used to treat overproduction of gastric acid (Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, multiple endocrine adenomas) and symptoms of inflammation of the food pipe, due to acid reflux. 

It is also used for the maintenance of stomach ulcers in patients which are at reduced dosage dosage after healing of an active ulcer.

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Generic Category: Tablet ANTI-ULCERANT Marketed By: GLOBAL PHARMA Marketed By: GLOBAL PHARMA

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  • The use of Fadiphine Tablet may change blood count. When Fadiphine is used for long-term at high doses, then appropriate monitoring of blood count is recommended.
  • Fadiphine Tablet should be used only when required in patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • altered mental state
  • breast enlargement in men (gynecomastia)
  • chest tightness
  • decreased interest in sexual activity
  • dry mouth
  • dry skin
  • eyes and facial swelling
  • fatigue
  • flushing
  • gas formation
  • hair loss
  • stomach discomfort
  • stomach swelling
  • taste disorder
  • tingling sensation
  • vomiting
  • Q: Does famotidine affect the kidneys?

    Famotidine does not affect creatinine-dependent measurements of renal function and is unlikely to alter the renal elimination of basic drugs.

    Q: Can famotidine cause bloating and gas?

    Nausea and vomiting. Abdominal discomfort or bloating.

    Q: How do you take famotidine 40 mg?

    Famotidine can be taken with or without food. To prevent heartburn and acid indigestion, take famotidine 15-60 minutes before eating food or drinking beverages that can cause indigestion

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